Medieval Times- New Show Review!

Did you know that Medieval Times has a brand new show?  For the first time in its 34 year run a Queen is taking over the thrown and the new story that surrounds this is amazing!

What’s the Story? (mild spoilers ahead)

I will keep it short and simple but the basic story is that the King is dead and his daughter is inheriting the thrown.  The show centres around her celebrating her new title as Queen as she has all of her loyal subjects demonstrate their skills for the crowd. This includes some amazing new music and performances! When it gets to the games of skill and strength her authority as Queen is challenged by one of the knights and it is up to her chosen knight to defend her honour.

Is it Family Friendly?

This is something I get asked a lot and my answer is always YES! Many people aren’t sure if it will be too much for their little ones or if the story is too complicated.  Well, we’ve been brining our kiddo since he was two to visit the castle and he has always loved it!  Yes, some plot points still go over his head but the excitement never stops and their is constant entertainment and food!  So, whether your kids are just their for the delicious food or the amazing performances they will not be disappointed.

Medieval Times New Show- Our Thoughts

To be honest there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the new show.  I love that the new plot totally turns the traditional story on it’s side.  The new show is also a little less dark than the previous one. It also has some great new music and horse acts. My little guy loved all of the horse performances!

Every performance during the two hour show is cleverly woven into the plot and the acting is fantastic.  The suspension of disbelief is immediate and you remain engrossed in the story until the very end. If you were debating seeing the new show, I can honestly say I liked it better than the last one (and I liked the last one a lot!)

Thanks again to Medieval Times Toronto for inviting us to enjoy such a fantastic performance. We can’t wait to visit again next year! Interested in seeing the new show? Find out more here!

Is the new show family friendly?

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