Goldfish Birthday Party Review

Remember when you were a kid and birthday parties used to be about having a few games in your home and some yummy cake?  Well, those days are long gone and (as we all know) coming up with the next great kid’s party is a constant struggle. Well, this year we had a Goldfish Birthday Party for my little guy and wow, was it an awesome experience! Here are some of the reasons you should considering hosting your next birthday party at Goldfish Swim School!

Goldfish party

Amazing Set up!

I totally underestimated just how much Goldfish Swim School would take care of in terms of decorating and setting up for my little guy’s party. When we arrived (20 minutes before party time) to set up everything was ready to go!  The table was set up with a tablecloth, balloons, plates and napkins and there was another table ready for us to put all of our food on.  We didn’t need to supply ANY decorations, the atmosphere alone gives  the perfect feeling for a party and the supplied decor filled in the rest!

Cupcakes, Coffee and more!

At Goldfish Swim school there are two party times to choose from 2-4 or 5-7. We opted for 2-4 as it’s an easier time for the age group we were hosting.  Because of that, we weren’t having a full meal but rather snacks and finger food.  Goldfish supplied these amazing blue & orange cupcakes, water and juice for everyone and we had the additional coffee and tea service. This meant that only thing we needed to worry about was a birthday cake and any other food we planned on serving.  So, all we had to do was pick up some sandwiches, pizza, fruit & veg! No worrying about liquids (hot or cold) which makes it SO much easier!


Goldfish Birthday Party-Swimming!

The reason we chose to have our party at Goldfish Swim School in the first place was for SWIMMING!  You get 1 whole hour of time in the pool all to yourself!  This was amazing!! There were two lifeguards on duty the entire time and the pool was full of floaties and toys for the kiddos. They also supplied life jackets if anyone wanted them.  Having the entire pool to ourselves was incredible, it made everyone (not just the birthday boy) feel special.

The Perfect Amount of Time!

A two hour time window is the perfect amount of time for a child’s birthday party and Goldfish has everything timed just right.  We were able to come in 20 minutes before the party started and get everything set up, although there was very little set up for us to do! Our guests starting arriving just before 2PM and by 2:10 everyone was starting to get in the pool.

The party had 1 hour to swim before being told time was up and getting out of the pool.  That gave 10 minutes for everyone to get changed 30 minutes for food and cake and 10 minutes for everyone to grab their loot bags and say goodbye!  It sounds super rigid but it was sooooo good.  Nothing felt rushed and there was the perfect amount of time for every aspect of the party. It was great having someone else take control of timing and make sure everything moved smoothly.


Great value

So, if you’re wondering exactly what’s included with your party here are all of the details!

Goldfish Party info.jpeg

A Goldfish birthday party includes a LOT of stuff!  Check with your location for exact pricing but just remember that the base party includes all of the above. Plus you can add on coffee/tea service (which we did and it was so convenient) as well as a Goldfish cake if you’re interested.  If you do want to have more than the base amount of 24 children it is possible but make sure you consult with your local Goldfish Swim School about implications.

Should you have a Goldfish Birthday Party?

If you have a child that loves swimming then I would definitely recommend a Goldfish birthday party!  Just remember that parents will need to get in the water with their little ones but the requirements for adults become less as the kids get older.  Interested in learning more about Goldfish Swim School?  Check out the top 10 reasons why we LOVE it here or visit their website to find out about booking your own birthday party!

Goldfish Birthday Party-2.jpg

Thank you so much to Goldfish Swim school Oakville for hosting my little guy’s birthday party in exchange for our honest review. We truly enjoyed our amazing experience!

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