Toddler Game- TODO Review

We are always looking for fun new activities to try at home which is why we were so excited to review TODO an awesome Toddler Game!  TODO aims to give you inspiration for fun activities to do as a family that don’t require screen time and also comes in a version for older kids.

How does TODO work?

TODO is the perfect answer to I’m bored!  Basically at any moment if you’re looking for something fun and new to amuse your kiddos they can pick a card from the pack.  Each card has a different activity to try and everything is fun!

Here are a few examples of the cards you might find…

Be prepared before you TODO!

The activities in the TODO pack range from very simple things you could do anytime to ones that require quite a bit more prep.  So, before you let your little one pick a card, perhaps have a look through and pre-pick 10 or so that you would be willing (and able) to do at that very moment.

If you don’t do this just know that you might be on the hook for a water activity or one that requires props you don’t have readily available.  You want your little one to have the freedom to choose but you also don’t want them be disappointed if you’re unable to follow through on the activity they pick.

Was TODO a fun Toddler Game?

Yes! All of the activities we’ve tried so far have been great.  I love how much variety there is and how imaginative each of the activities is.  These activities would also be great for a group of children to do together.  I could definitely see pre-choosing some doable activities to have in a party or play group setting.

Never underestimate the way a few fresh (and surprising) activities can make play time even more fun.  You might even find some new ‘go to’ favourite activities!

Thanks so much to The TODO Game company for sending us this awesome game to review. Interested in learning more?  Check out The TODO Game!

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