Centreville Theme Park- Tips!

Centreville Theme Park is one of the best family friendly destinations right in the heart of Toronto!  I’ve been visiting Centre Island (home to Centreville Theme Park) since I was just a young child and I love being able to share the experience with my little guy.

Like any popular activity, Centreville can get very busy, especially on the weekend.  Here are a few tips to get the most out of your visit.

Download the App!

This year Centreville introduced a new app and its very helpful in planning your day. You can purchase tickets to the park, as well as the ferry (more on the in a moment) as well as check the daily schedule and have quick access to the park map.

Taking the Ferry

The island ferry is part of the fun of visiting Centre Island. The Ferry runs very regularly throughout the day so pretty much get there whenever suits you and a ferry will be along shortly.  To avoid waiting in line, you can buy your tickets ahead of time and with a quick scan you’re in.  We did this and probably saved ourselves a good thirty minutes by avoiding the ticket line.

Centre island ferry

The ferry ride is quite short and you will get a lovely view of Downtown Toronto as you travel over to the island. The upstairs of the ferry is open (and can get quite breezy) and the downstairs is closed in. There also is a bathroom on board which is always good to know when traveling with kids.

view of toronto

Arriving at Centreville

When you disembark the ferry you’ll want to head to your left (just follow the crowd) towards Centreville. You will also see signs leading the way.  Once you arrive you will see a ticket booth, you will need to stop here if you plan on going on any of the attractions.


If you did purchase tickets online, look for an employee over to the side handing out wristbands, they will be able to help you out. If you are looking to purchase when you arrive, just join a line!

Centreville has many options to suit your needs.  You can get all day ride wristbands as well as ticket sheets in different amounts.  Each attraction needs a different amount of tickets so if you have an idea of what you hope to do you can decide what works best.  Also, tickets don’t expire so if you buy too many make sure to save them for your next visit!


My advice for any theme park is always get there early!  We arrived right when the park opened (10:30am) and we got on sooooo many things before the crowds picked up.  Then later into the day it got, the longer the lines became.  Once it got to be early afternoon pretty much everything had a bit of a wait (20 minutes at most but far more than the morning) so we were glad we got there early.

Height Requirements for Centreville Theme Park

Centreville has pretty standard height requirements across their attractions. Many of the attractions are made for young children and allow riders under 4 feet to ride unaccompanied.  Others require that riders under 4 feet must be accompanied by a rider over 4.5 feet. There is only one ride, the bumper boats, that doesn’t allow riders under 4 feet.

centreville map

Far Enough Farm

Centreville isn’t only rides, there’s also a fun little farm that you can wander through. This farm isn’t huge but you can get up close to many friendly farm animals and your little one can even go on a pony ride.


Our favourite rides!

Ok, this is totally subjective but if you don’t have time to do everything, here are my must dos!

-Antique Carousel

-Centreville Train

-Antique Cars

-Swan Ride

–Sky Ride

And if you like a little thrill…

-Haunted Barrel Works

-Toronto Island Mine Coaster


There are also great kids’ only rides like the Bumble Bee, Touring Cars & Kiddie Boats!

Exploring the Island

Once you’re done at Centreville (because I definitely recommend you do it first) you can enjoy the remainder of the day exploring the rest of the island.  There are beautiful trails, bikes for rent, a beach and lots of spots to picnic.  You won’t have a problem filling an entire day on the island, that’s for sure!

For all of the details make sure to visit the official Centre Island website. Enjoy your visit! Thanks again to Centreville Theme Park for inviting us to spend the day, it was a total blast!

Centreville Theme Park

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