Easy Xplorer- Review!

Long car rides with kids can be interesting to say the least which is why we were so excited to take our new Easy Xplorer on our most recent vacation. We’ve tried many different travel trays in the past and for the most part none of them have really worked for my little guy.  The Easy Xplorer was a totally different story, this tray is awesome! Here are the top five reasons why you should check it out!

1. Easy Xplorer is Light Weight!

Easy Xplorer1.jpeg

One of the main reasons we’ve had problems with travel trays in the past is that they are so heavy and awkward!  My little guy hates having them on his lap after about 2 minutes and they end up on the floor.  The Easy Xplorer tray is totally different! It is so light weight that he barely even notices it on his lap.  This means he’s willing to leave it on and it keeps him occupied a lot longer.

2. So Many Pockets!


There is so much easy to access storage space in the Easy Xplorer. There’s room for markers, snacks, water bottles, toys; everything your kiddo might need right at their finger tips! It was so much easier than having to pass him things every two minutes.

3. Easy Xplorer is Easy to Store!

easy xplorer3.jpeg

This is a HUGE bonus! The Easy Xplorer tray folds down  almost totally flat which is spectacular! I was able to store it in the car when my little guy wasn’t using it and it takes up NO SPACE!

4. Reusable Markers!

easy xplorer4.jpeg

I love that the Easy Xplorer has a clear plastic sleeve and reusable markers!  You can slide any image underneath and your little one can colour on top then erase it.  This makes it so much easier and way less mess. They can play games, trace letters or re-colour a fave picture again and again. And, the picture will stay in place which is perfect. There is also a fun castle scene on the tray itself which can make for some fun pretend play. Of course, they can put their picture on top of the tray and colour but having the erasable option is huge.

5. The Extra Strap!

easy xplorer 5.jpeg

The Easy Xplorer has a strap that goes around the back of the car seat to keep the tray in place.  This is the greatest feature EVER! The strap means that your kiddo can accidentally or purposely knock the tray off their lap.  I also used the strap to carry the tray which freed up my hands when I was packing the car.

Thanks so much to Easy Xplorer for sending us this awesome tray to try out and review.  This has definitely become our new go to travel travel.  Interested in getting your own tray?  Check them out here! 



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