Day Out With Thomas- Tips & Tricks

This past weekend we got the chance to experience a ‘Day Out With Thomas’ event thanks to York-Durham Heritage Railway!  This was our first time enjoying a Day Out with Thomas and it was easy to see what all of the fuss is about.  Here are a few ‘Day Out With Thomas’ tips & tricks to get the most out of the event.

Arrive Early!

There are two reasons to make sure you get to your ‘Day Out with Thomas’ event early. The first is to have the time to go through all of the awesome pre-ride activities and the second is to give yourself time to park.  This is a very popular event and there are (of course) pretty heavy crowds.  You can also choose to stay after your train ride to check out the activities if you’re running late.  Just don’t underestimate how much else there is to do other than just a ride on Thomas.

Get your Passport!

When you arrive at the station every kiddo will be handed a map of the activities and a passport for Sodor.  Not only is this a cute souvenir but if you get the passport stamped at different spots around the event your little one will get a fun souvenir when you leave. If for some reason you miss a stamp, don’t worry, they can still get their souvenir but getting it stamped makes for a fun activity!

Day Out with Thomas 1

You’ll probably end up buying a souvenir

It’s pretty hard to go to an event geared towards kids without a pretty robust souvenir offering.  Well, Day Out with Thomas, certainly has the souvenirs covered!  The first thing you come to is a huge, well stocked, souvenir tent with items ranging from t-shirts to full playsets (we ended up with a huge balloon).

The good thing is that there is something for every price range and if you don’t feel like buying a souvenir you can remind your kiddo that they will get a special prize for completing their passport.

Remember to Stay Cool!

This is a mainly outdoor event so it will be hot.  The tents have fans (and offer shade) but it is still mainly  in the heat.  Remember to bring water and check out the cooling tent.  There are also so a few indoor activities (like watching Thomas the Train videos) that are good for a break!

Check the Schedule!

There are lots of fun shows and meet & greets going on throughout the day but make sure to check the schedule so you don’t miss something your little one might really want to do!  There are magicians, musicians and jugglers throughout the event so if your little one has a particular interest make sure to check the time of the performance.  Sir Topham Hatt is also there for picture opportunities but we never managed to get one because of our timing.  If this is something important to your kiddo check the schedule when you arrive!

So Much to Do at Day Out With Thomas!

You will not be bored, I guarantee it!  There are tons of activities like a hay maze, colouring stations, storytelling and even a mini train your kiddo can ride.  There’s also face painting and tattoos.  The tattoo line moves much faster than the face painting line if your kiddo is a little impatient in the heat.

Boarding the Train!

As much as all of the activities are fun riding on Thomas is definitely the main event.  You’ll want to join the line about 15 minutes before your departure time and make sure to pay attention to the car number that matches your ticket. Remember that everyone who has a ticket will get a seat so just be patient and be sure to keep your group together!

DOWT boarding

Riding Thomas the Train!

This was sooo fun! All of the kids were so excited to be on THE Thomas the train!  There are fun decorations throughout the cabin and music & voices that help set the mood.  The ride itself is about 25 minutes and the train cars are quite cool and comfortable.

Before you get off the train every child will receive a souvenir Jr. Engineer certificate  that they can personalize with their name!

DOWT certificate

Don’t Forget to Say Hi to Thomas!

As fun as it is to ride on Thomas don’t forget to actually let your little one take a look at Thomas himself!  You can line up for a proper picture with Thomas or just grab a peek from the side.  Either way, the coolest part of the day for my kiddo was when he realized he was actually on Thomas the train, his smile says it all!

Thanks again for York Durham Heritage Railway for inviting us to enjoy a Day Out with Thomas!  Be sure to check to see if there are still tickets available as Thomas tours around North America!

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