Kalahari Resort Review

This summer we had the pleasure of visiting the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.  We are huge water park fans so we were so excited to visit Kalahari, America’s Largest Waterpark!  Here is our full Kalahari resort review!

Disclaimer: A portion of our stay was covered in exchange for our honest review.

Arrival and Check-in

When you arrive at the Kalahari resort you are immediately immersed into the theme.  The main entrance hall is very impressive and you will already feel like you have been transported into a fun themed experience.

Check-in is pretty quick and easy and each member of your party will receive a wristband that will serve as their room key and waterpark ticket.  If you hope to be able to use your wristband for charging be sure to ask at the desk as you will need to set that up and receive a special wristband.

kalahari resort-checkin

Hotel Accommodations

Our room at Kalahari was quite spacious and comfortable. We went as a family of five (my parents joined us on our adventure) so we had the African Queen suite. This room was perfect for a larger group as it included two bedrooms, two full bathrooms as well as a sitting room and a balcony.  It was so much easier to have the suite then to have two rooms plus having the sitting room was a great addition.

The room itself was very clean and included the same fun theming that can be found throughout the resort. It was also very close to the waterpark and dining which I was initially quite concerned about because those spots are usually quite noisy.  But, I was pleasantly surprised that the rooms was very quiet! We were never disturbed by outside noise either late at night or early in the morning.

Indoor Waterpark

The indoor waterpark  at Kalahari is awesome!!! I honestly couldn’t believe how spacious it was, and how much there was to do.

There were multiple areas that were designed with younger children in mind but Coral Cove was by far my little guy’s favourite.  The bright colours, fun theming and activities were so great.  He loved that he could have some independence and play in this closed in spot and it never got too crowded which was also amazing.

kalahari resort- coral cove

One of the bonuses of having a multigenerational vacation is that my husband and I were able to go on some of the bigger waterslides while my parents hung out with our kiddo.  We made a point of going on the slides early in the morning before the lines got too long and were able to do 4 slides in about 30 minutes.

One of the coolest slides at Kalahari is definitely the Storm Chaser, this ride combines a digital component with a real world sliding adventure to allow the rider to collect points and design their ride, definitely worth checking out if your visiting the resort!

kalahari resort-storm chaser

Another favourite aspect of the indoor water park was the giant wave pool.  This wave pool is huge and the glass roof almost makes you feel like you’re outdoors.  This was definitely the busiest spot in the park by mid afternoon so if you’re hoping to ride some waves without the fear of being kicked or bumped make sure to visit in the morning.

kalahari resort-wave pool

You can also rent private cabanas which are perfect if you plan on staying the entire day in one spot. We didn’t get one ourselves (we never stay put for very long) but they looked like a nice comfortable spot for sure.

kalahari resort-cabana

Outdoor Waterpark

We were lucky to have great weather during our stay so we took full advantage of the amazing outdoor waterpark.  One of the best parts of the outdoor waterpark was definitely the brand new Bugs Burrow.  My little guy LOVED all of the pint sized slides and must have spent a solid hour just going up and down the different slides.

kalahari resort- bugs burrow

The outdoor waterpark also has a nice big pool (with warm water!) and lots of great thrilling slides as well. I was amazed how much action was packed into a relatively small area, there was definitely something for everyone.

kalahari resort-outdoor slides

Safari Adventures

Another fun aspect of the Kalahari resort is the Safari Adventures area.  We actually almost missed out on visiting it as it’s a little hidden (which is nicer for the animals who live there).  When you arrive make sure to take a minute to look at the different activity options as there’s lots of fun things you can try out.

kalahari resort-safari adventures

One of the best activities at the Safari Adventures is getting a chance to really feed some of the different animals.  For $25 you will get a mixed food bucket that has something for pretty much every animal in the park. Make sure to take a look at what each one eats before feeding as they all have different diets.

kalahari resort-animal food

The animals are all very gentle and friendly (clearly they are used to being fed by children) so it’s a really fun experience for the kids to get a chance to get up close and personal with several different types of wildlife.  Also, if you prefer to just walk around that is an option as well, you don’t have to feed the animals if you don’t want to 😉

kalahari resort-feeding animals

Another really fun activity was stepping inside the aviary to feed the parakeets.  These birds are VERY friendly and within a minute you will have birds everywhere fighting for the seed on the provided sticks.  Just make sure your kiddo isn’t scared of birds as they get super close and will most likely land on you at some point.

kalahari resort-aviary


The Dining at Kalahari was amazing, we were very impressed with the quality of the food and the options offered on the menus.  Unfortunately the buffet was not open during our stay but we did have a few meals at the Ivory Coast restaurant and everything we tried was delicious.  If you are a fan of fish I would highly recommend the fish tacos.

kalahari resort- dining

Mini-Putt and more

No matter how much you love waterparks (and we love waterparks A LOT) at some point you will inevitably need to dry off and enjoy some non-water activities. Kalahari had a TON of non-water activities all of which were lots of fun.

My little guy’s favourite was definitely the Madagascar Mini-Golf.  I’m not sure how much of the golf he actually played but he LOVED the glow-in-the-dark animals and had a blast exploring.

ka-ahari resort-mini golf

There was also laser tag, bowling, VR experiences, a 7-D movie and an awesome arcade.  Literally something for everyone and so much fun.  I was amazed that Kalahari really is so much more than just a waterpark.


No good resort would be complete without an equally awesome spa.  The spa at Kalahari was beautiful, clean and had some very cool options include Halotherapy and a Float Tank.  They of course also have all of the traditional spa offerings like massages and facials but I loved that they also offered some new therapies that are only just starting to appear elsewhere.

kalahari resort-spa1

Details and Design

As I said right off the top one of the coolest things about Kalahari resort is how incredibly immersive it is!  From the moment you step through the doors you are met with fun design elements and paintings (many of which are created by artisans from Africa) that really set the tone for the entire resort.  Everything feels authentic, because it is!


Kalahari Resort Review- Final Thoughts

Thanks again to Kalahari for inviting us to  check out you’re awesome resort! If you’re looking for a fun family getaway with something for everyone I would highly recommend the Kalahari Resorts.  To find out more or book your own stay, check out their website.

Kalahari resort review


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