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I’m always looking for new and different keepsakes which is why I was so excited when I was invited to review the Custom Photo Sherpa Blanket from I’m used to working with online design sites but I’m always a little apprehensive to try a new one as each generally has their own unique tools and layout.  But, I’m happy to report that my experience with was such a pleasant one from start to finish!

Designing the Blanket on


I was so impressed with how easy it was to design my blanket on  The first thing I did was upload the photos I wanted to use and see what the default design looked like.  From there I added pictures, removed pictures and shuffled pictures around to see some options for how my blanket might look. I then went into the menu and tried out some different layout options until I found one that worked for me.  The whole process took me less than 30 minutes and I felt like I had tons of options but it wasn’t overwhelming.


Since I live in Canada I’m used to shipping taking a long time.  I wasn’t surprised when my estimated delivery date was roughly a month after the date I ordered my blanket.  So, guess how surprised I was when my blanket arrived in two weeks!  I know that a shipment being much faster than expected isn’t always going to be the case but I did appreciate how quickly my order was turned around and dispatched.

The Final Result


The Blanket we got from is gorgeous!  I was so happy with how clear and vivid the pictures printed. Plus, the blanket itself is amazing quality and incredibly soft. To be honest the blanket exceeded all of my expectations, and I had my expectations set pretty high!  If you’re looking for a fantastic gift for a loved one or the perfect keepsake for yourself I would definitely recommend designing your own custom Sherpa Blanket through

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Thank you to for sending us our blanket for free in exchange for an honest review. review

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