Santa Train Review!

We are always looking for fun, easy Christmas themed activities and one of our favourites has to be taking the Santa Train. Here is our full Santa Train review from our recent trip on the York Durham Heritage Railway, Santa Train.

All Aboard the Santa Train!

When you arrive for your ride on the Santa Train you will be immediately able to board which makes things so much easier.  Everyone has an assigned seat so there’s no questions about who is sitting where or how many seats someone has which prevents a lot of confusion.


The train itself is very festive with lots of Christmas ornaments and signs that Santa will certainly be coming by to see all of the excited children.  The train also left promptly on time which was so nice especially since it was full of very excited children.

Magicians, Musicians & Balloon Animals

We were in the very first car which meant we were last to see Santa.  Luckily there was lots going on during the ride to keep all of the children happily occupied.  We started with a magician who made his way through our train car entertaining children and parents alike.  Everyone was left feeling impressed as he showed off some very fun and simple tricks.

Next up was a musician who sang Christmas Carols while playing the guitar.  As he made his was through the train everyone joined in singing along to the holiday favourites, definitely getting everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Finally, balloon artists made their way through the train making balloon animals for all of the kids, this certainly put a smile on everyone’s face and helped to make the final wait before seeing Santa a little more bearable.

NOTE: Depending on where you sit on the train you may experience this in a different order but everyone will get to experience everything.

Santa Visits!

Finally, it was time for us to see Santa!  He walked through the train sitting with each group and chatting with every child. He also took the time to pose for pictures and make sure that every child got to tell him their Christmas list.  This was definitely the highlight of the trip and every child was so excited!


Thanks and Goodbye!

When the train ride ends every child gets a bag full of goodies to take home with them as they disembark.  And, if you live in the Uxbridge area you might want to purchase The Santa Passport which is full of discounts on various things to be used over the holiday season.


Thanks so much to York Durham Heritage Railway for giving us a free ride on the Santa train so that we could review it for our amazing readers and followers.  To find out more or purchase tickets be sure to visit York Durham Heritage Railway to secure the date and time that works best!

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