Ralph Breaks the Internet & The Little Mermaid Review

Thank you so much to Disney Studios Canada for sending us a copy of Ralph Breaks the Internet and The Little Mermaid Anniversary Edition to enjoy and review.

We thoroughly enjoyed both of these movies as well as all of the extras that the blu-ray copies provide.  Find out more below!

Ralph Breaks the Internet

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for?! Ralph Breaks the Internet is actually as good as the original which is not an easy feat to accomplish.  What makes Ralph Breaks the Internet such a fantastic sequel is its ability to grow and change with the times and create a narrative that is a logical step from the original and brings about new characters and challenges.

I was very excited to get the blu-ray of this film since with kids’ movies in particular the home viewing experience is even bigger than the theatrical experience.   As every parent knows kids like to watch their fave movies again and again so having an entertaining, smart and funny movie that parents will like as well is so important. Luckily, Ralph Breaks the Internet is one that I don’t think I will tire of any time soon.

As entertaining as the feature is, the special features on the Blu-ray release really add to the narrative and offer fun insights that viewers wouldn’t have otherwise. Make sure to check out the Easter Eggs as there are some really good ones (no spoilers but if you love Zootopia you’ll definitely love the Easter Eggs). And, since every Disney Blu-ray comes with a code to download the digital copy I was able to add Ralph Breaks the Internet to my Ipad for my kiddo to watch on the go.

The Little Mermaid Anniversary Edition

I love The Little Mermaid, it came out when I was young and quickly became one of my all-time favourite Disney movies. I wasn’t sure how my little guy would feel about a classic princess movie and I was pleasantly surprised that he watched The Little Mermaid with the same enthusiasm as Ralph Breaks the Internet.

The songs of The Little Mermaid are really what push this classic over the top and make it an all-time favourite for so many children and adults.  The part of the Anniversary edition I was most excited about was the new sing-along version!  What a way to really engage children in the movie and take the viewing experience to the next level. My little guy was up on his feet singing and dancing along with the lyrics and honestly having a blast.

And since the set comes with a code to download a digital copy, he’s able to watch it on the go which is such a huge bonus.

If you’re looking to bring home some fantastic family entertainment I would definitely recommend both Ralph Breaks the Internet and The Little Mermaid Anniversary Edition.  Both films offer amazing family entertainment, lots of extras and the ability to watch them anywhere on any device!

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