Is Osmo Worth It?

Since getting Osmo for my son I’ve had a number of people ask me, ‘is Osmo worth it?’. So I thought I would put down our experience with Osmo to help you decide if Osmo is a worthwhile tablet add-on for your child.

How does Osmo Work?

Osmo works with your existing tablet (we have an iPad) by reflecting what your child creates into the camera of your tablet. In order to use any of the Osmo programs, apps or add-ons you will need to purchase a kit that includes a reflector and a base, we started with the creativity studio.

What types of activities can my child do with Osmo?

Short answer, so many! If you want your child to learn about art, numbers, letters, shapes- there is an Osmo kit for that. If they want to have fun with Disney Princesses or Mickey Mouse, there are kits for that! There are also lots of fun games including our personal fave, the detective game!

What age is Osmo good for?

The nice thing about Osmo is it meets your child where they are and can become easier or more complicated depending on their ability. I would say the sweet spot is 4-8 but it really depends on your child.

Is Osmo easy to use?

So easy! We basically took it out of the box, dowloaded the apps and got started. The apps will walk you through exactly what you need to do and it even tracks your child’s progress so it can keep progressing with them. There is also a parents’ app that you can download on your phone to keep up with your child’s progress.

So, is Osmo Worth it?

Yes, I definitely think it was worth the investment and I truly appreciate that Osmo reached out to me and also sent me the numbers game and the detective game to go along with our existing Osmo collection.  Want to see Osmo in action, check out our video for more info!


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