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#Momstertribe Ultimate Summer Fun List!

Recipes Easy Peasy Pinwheels | A Boy and His Mom Link: With summer parties and BBQs in full swing, here’s an easy recipe that the other guests will not only enjoy but ask you to bring again. Quick and Easy Freezer Pops | Happily Ever Hauser Link: Summer is here!! This means celebrations, […]



#payfunforward Summer Fun- Surprise Packs!

The weather has finally started to warm up and it definitely feels like summer is in the air.  So, to celebrate the soon to be end of school & start of summer we put together summer fun gift bags to distribute around our neighbourhood. Here’s how we did it and how you can do it […]

#payfunforward Food Favs

#payfunforward, Do Good for those that Do Good!

For this week’s #payfunforward we decided to brighten up the day of some of our fav people, the vets’ office that cares for our three animals. If you have animals then you know how big a part of your family they become.  Every time I take one of them into our vet’s office I’m overwhelmed […]


#payfunforward Got something nice to say? Write it in chalk!

For this week’s #payfunforward we took a pack of sidewalk chalk and wandered the neighborhood leaving nice messages as we passed. What you need This is such an easy #payfunforward activity! All you need is some sidewalk chalk and about half an hour of free time! What we did The first thing we did was […]


#payfunforward: Done with it? Donate it!

For today’s #payfunforward we are going through my little guy’s toys and clothes and donating anything that he has outgrown or no longer uses.  Sounds easy?  Well, it’s not! Especially when your little one somehow has grown a massive attachment to each and everything you want to get rid of.  Here’s some tips to help […]


#payfunforward let’s clean up the park!

Today we rolled up our sleeves, walked to our fav local park and picked up trash.  It certainly isn’t the most fun job in the world but it’s an important one! What you Need This is an easy activity that really doesn’t take much planning.  All you really need is a couple of plastic bags, […]


#payfunforward just be friendly!

I was trying to think of a fun & simple Pay Fun Forward for today when it hit me.  Just be friendly to everyone, so that’s what we did 🙂  We went Grocery Shopping, to Walmart & for a walk and just said Hello, How are you?, Have a great day… etc to everyone. I […]


#payfunforward week one: Surprise Mail

Today we launched our new initiative, #payfunforward. #payfunforward is all about doing something nice for someone else for no reason other than a smile.  Every Monday we will be doing a new activity so make sure to check here to see what we did & how you can do the same.  Also, if you do […]