On Vacation Theme Park Fun

Disney World ‘extras’ that are totally worth it!

If you have ever visited a theme park you know that admission to the park is one thing but once you get through the gates there is plenty more money to be spent.  From food to souvenirs & even up-sell experiences, there are plenty of ways to spend way more than you were planning on. […]


Fun at Home

How to make Prep & Clean Up as fun as Finger painting!

Every kid loves finger painting (well, every kid I know anyways) but there’s a lot more to finger painting then just the actual 10 minutes your little one will spends spreading colourful paint around a piece of paper (and hopefully nowhere else! )  So, we decided to find a way to make prep & clean […]


#payfunforward Summer Fun- Surprise Packs!

The weather has finally started to warm up and it definitely feels like summer is in the air.  So, to celebrate the soon to be end of school & start of summer we put together summer fun gift bags to distribute around our neighbourhood. Here’s how we did it and how you can do it […]

On Vacation Theme Park Fun

Booking Disney World Dining- Tips & Tricks!

I’m coming up to one of my favourite days of the year, 180 days until my next Disney World vacation which mean I can book Disney World dining!! I know my vacation is still a long time away but if I hope to get the restaurant reservations I want that’s the day I need to […]

#payfunforward Food Favs

#payfunforward, Do Good for those that Do Good!

For this week’s #payfunforward we decided to brighten up the day of some of our fav people, the vets’ office that cares for our three animals. If you have animals then you know how big a part of your family they become.  Every time I take one of them into our vet’s office I’m overwhelmed […]

Day Trip ideas

Creating a Summer Fun Must-Do List!

Now that it’s June we have entered that glorious season of summer! For most families this is a busy time of year with kid’s camps, vacations & weekend BBQs. But, it’s also one of the best times of year to get out and enjoy local attractions and day trips.  If you’re like me, you have […]

On Vacation Theme Park Fun

Toddler fun at Magic Kingdom when you don’t feel like waiting in lines!

One of the best parts about going to a theme park is going on the amazing rides & meeting the awesome characters but sometimes the park is too busy or your little one just isn’t in the mood to wait in yet another line.  Good thing there’s tons of other fun things to do at […]


#payfunforward Got something nice to say? Write it in chalk!

For this week’s #payfunforward we took a pack of sidewalk chalk and wandered the neighborhood leaving nice messages as we passed. What you need This is such an easy #payfunforward activity! All you need is some sidewalk chalk and about half an hour of free time! What we did The first thing we did was […]

Theme Park Fun

Toddler fun at Universal Studios-Hollywood

If you’ve taken a toddler to Universal Studios Orlando you know that there are tons of great rides and activities for your little one.  Well, Universal Studios Hollywood is a little different. It’s a much smaller park and doesn’t have nearly as many activities for your little one.  But, we did manage to have an awesome day […]


#payfunforward: Done with it? Donate it!

For today’s #payfunforward we are going through my little guy’s toys and clothes and donating anything that he has outgrown or no longer uses.  Sounds easy?  Well, it’s not! Especially when your little one somehow has grown a massive attachment to each and everything you want to get rid of.  Here’s some tips to help […]