#payfunforward week one: Surprise Mail

Today we launched our new initiative, #payfunforward. #payfunforward is all about doing something nice for someone else for no reason other than a smile.  Every Monday we will be doing a new activity so make sure to check here to see what we did & how you can do the same.  Also, if you do […]


On Vacation Theme Park Fun

Top Toddler Attractions- Disneyland Park

Navigating a theme park with a toddler can be a little intimidating!  Here is a list of my fav toddler attractions (and ones to avoid) if you’re visiting Disneyland in California.  Make sure to check back next week for my Top Toddler Attractions at Disney’s California Adventure Park. Must Dos! Dumbo My little guy’s fav ride […]

On Vacation

Arizona Fun with a Little One!

When my little guy was 9 months old we took him on a trip to Phoenix, Arizona. It was definitely an adventure but a fun one! This post is all about our trip with some tips & ideas about both traveling with a little one as well as some cool things to check out if you’re in […]

Fun at Home

Easter activities for your little one!

There’s so many fun ways to get ready for Easter, here are some of my fav ones to do with a little guy 🙂 Decorating Cookies Our first Easter activity was decorating Yummy cookies! My little guy had a blast putting on the icing, helping me place the candies and of course enjoying the yummy results […]

On Vacation

Flying with Kids- Tips & Tricks!

I know most parents dread flying with kids and I totally get it! There is nothing more stressful than boarding a flight with a child and having everyone give you that ‘your child better behave’ look.  Now, every child is different and there’s no simple answer for making flying easy but here are a few […]

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Cruising with kids- Part Four, excursions & Fish Extenders

One of the best parts about getting ready to go on a cruise is choosing your excursions. I love going through the list of different trips and picking the ones that sound most exciting or interesting. As we went through the excursion list for our Disney Cruise and started to pick things I realized I […]

On Vacation

Cruising with kids-Part five, Disney Cruise water fun & days at sea

Something that I discovered just before we left for our cruise was that children in diapers (even swim diapers) aren’t allowed in pools on cruise ships 😯. Yes, seriously. I was freaking out, my little guy loves swimming, how was I supposed to keep him out of the pool? Luckily, Disney Cruise Lines had considered […]

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Cruising with kids-Part three, Disney Cruise Character meet & greets

One of the BEST parts about a Disney cruise is all of the Disney fun that comes along with it. Like, character meet & greets! When you visit the theme parks character meet & greets often have long lines and are usually spread out around the park. But, on the cruise we were able to […]

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Cruising with kids- Part two, accommodations and dining

Accommodations One of the first things to consider when looking into a cruise line is staterooms. The Disney Cruise Line offers well designed, spacious staterooms at a competitive rate. Two of my fav things about the rooms are the fact that with a basic ocean view room you get a fantastic window and that there […]

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Cruising with Kids-Part one, which Cruise Line?

Cruising is one of my all time fav ways to travel! You get to see lots of different places in a short period of time and without having to pack & re-pack your luggage! When we had our little guy we thought we wouldn’t be going on another cruise until he was much older . […]